Shri Krishna Pranami Gaushala

In our religious scriptures, it is said that there are 33 crore categories of gods and goddesses and Cow is such a wonderful creation where all these gods and goddesses indwell. Since primitive sage-era, cow is considered as very significant to the all-round development of human being and is equally true in the modern age also. There are multifarious benefits of cow to the human.

Shri Krishna Pranami Gaushala is older then 100 years. Shri Krishna Pranami Gaushala started by Acharya Shri 108 Dhanidasji Maharaj at Shri 5 Navtanpuridham. Acharya Shri 108 Dharmadasji Maharaj has developed and increase the size of Gaushala. Curretnly there are over 200 Gir Breed Cows (Gir Gaay) served in Gaushala by Acharya Shri 108 Krishnamaniji Maharj.

As per Padma Puran With full of empathy if any one consider cow’s body equivalent to his/her own body, cow’s life equivalent to his/her own life, provide food to them and worship them with oil, flowers and colours. He/she will definitely procure the delight and comfort of heaven.

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    Acharya Shri 108 Krishnamaniji Maharaj

    Shri Krishna Pranami Gaushala - Jamnagar

Our Works

Over 200 Gir Gaays (Pure Gir Breed Cows) served in Shri Krishna Prnami Gaushala.
Natural and Modern infrastructured Gaushala.

Gau-Sewa Rashi

Donate for Gau Sewa


1 Cow ( Rs. 15,000/- )

Ghas Chara Sewa

1 Day Ghas Chara Sewa ( Rs. 5,100/- )

1 Day Khod Kapasiya Sewa ( Rs. 2,500/- )

100 Cows Ghas Sewa ( Rs. 2,000/- )

200 Cows Ghas Sewa ( Rs. 3,500/- )

Ladu Sewa

100 Ladu Sewa ( Rs. 2,500/- )

200 Ladu Sewa ( Rs. 5,000/- )

Shri Krishna Prnami Gaushal Farm

Green Grass filed for cows.

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